Embracing the next Quarter

My goodness…..where had 2013 gone?  if you are reading this blog, we can attest to the fact that we survived the first 8 months of this year.  Revelations, losses and gains, windows closed-grand doors opened, new loves, rekindling of old loves; being witness to spirits we love going home and little spirits being welcomed, and all those adventures in between, we have come to Experience this place in time As you approach the next 4 months, will you take the wisdom you have acquired on the last quarter of 2013 – embracing each day with love, joy, vigor, wonder and anticipation? Will you let go of the hurts, disappointments, guilt, shame and will you forgive others and yourself with the understanding that by doing this, it will propel you into the life you truly desire – a happy, healthy, success one?

Most times, we get in our own way of happiness and success because we make life  more difficult than it really is.  For the next 4 months as we experience all that it has to offer, like holidays, birthdays, school, new businesses, new life and ponder what we may become fixated on as it pertains to “New Year’s resolutions”, let’s keep in mind that we are CEO’s of our lives, that words are powerful and can shape our lives ( so keep it positive), prayer works and that our Creator is not an untouchable man sitting on a giant throne but a force that loves us more than we can ever imagine and that force is just as close and as available as the air we breathe.  Be blessed and always “Expect the Best In Your Life”


Embracing Every Day

“Over the Hump Day”, TGIF and the desperate desire to see the weekend seems to dominate the psyche of those in the workforce.   Why do we focus on a few days to enjoy ourselves when we have seven glorious days a week to embrace with love and joy?

Embrace each day with passion….Monday through Sunday should be looked upon as seven days of adventure, filled with wonder and revelation.

So the next time you think “TGIF”, remember how great it would have been to say


Expect th Best In Your Life Are you happily excited about the road you are taking or are about to take in your life? As we come towards the end of 2013, have we used this year to excel-mind,body and spirit? Have we served others with love and compassion and respect while doing the same for ourselves? Let’s welcome 2014 with passion, loyalty, vigor-and with each breath, gratefully acknowledge our Creator with the understanding that we can do all things through the ONE who strengthens us.

Your First Thoughts of the Day

When you awaken from a restful night sleep. ( or day depending on your schedule) , what are your first thoughts?  It has been proven that you can shape the outcome of your day with your thoughts.  Do you dread waking up because you face an undesirable job Or a situation you choose not to deal with?  Do you wake up with a smile and a grateful spirit knowing this is an opportunity to embrace an awesome journey to be the best you can be?

Every fiber of your being and the Universe responds to the vibrations of your thoughts.  Which scenario are you?